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Short hike with some nice views, and a bit of time in the forest.

Off the well-beaten track, but still on the marked routes. This path is known locally as the high-level Thumersbach path, but despite the name, it’s not that high.

This is a beautiful little hike we like to do, and one reason for that is that it has some of the best views from a different perspective, which will mean you need might need to take a camera with you to grab those shots.

Time: about 3 hours. Difficulty: medium.

It is a nice short hike, it starts next to the lake and it is a loop so it means you start and finish in the same spot, which is good if you take one of the three suggestions for getting to the starting point.

1. take the lake crossing boat, and get off at the Kur park, next to the beach club in Thumersback.
2. take the car, and park in the same location.
3. ride your bikes there, and lock them up.

You can of course just walk, but in any case, the starting point is right there, at the entrance of the beach club car park next to the Zebra Crossing.

If you look across the street you will see the first yellow hiking sign, so just walk over and have a look at it. Crossing using the proper place, the zebra crossing, please. Safety first.

Here you see the yellow hiking information sign.

Here the walk really begins, it looks like someone’s driveway to their house, it is, but it leads to the hiking trail and you need to be polite, but just go in its up there on the left at the end by the garage.

The top line of the top arrow, says Schloss Kammer, that is our route.

You walk in here, and you start hiking up this little path, it runs up alongside a small stream, and all of a sudden there is a break in the trees, and there is your first awesome view. Framed to perfection.

You see our Zeller Lake and in the background the Kitzsteinhorn.

If you are like us and you love to take photos of the amazing landscape, just spend some time.

continue the path and you come to a small cluster of old houses, which are just beautiful, and here there is a tap you can use to fill up your water. Please remember that it is, private housing, the path just happens to go this way.

This is Austrian culture and stunning farm architecture.

Looking out for yellow signs all the time, sometimes it is obvious where to continue, and sometimes, it is not so obvious. This route is actually very simple, so let’s carry on.

We are going towards Schloss Kammer,
the time says around 2 and a half hours. Route 92

As you see there are other destinations from here, we will do them and cover them in our blog another day. But today, we will do the Schloss Kammer loop.

Schloss Kammer is a nice location in itself and a great place to eat, however today, we are just sightseeing and exercising, so maybe next time we will visit them and do a feature there too, on local food.

Let’s go on.

Beautiful Zell am See,
our wonderful lake, and in the left distance the Kitzsteinhorn.

Everyone loves a good meadow shot, and a fantastic view to enjoy. This one is quite spectacular, we love it. Of course, we took the photo, but it is important to say this “just be in the moment and enjoy the view, it is the best photo you will ever take, and you can keep it forever”.

Here you can see the MS Schmittenhöhe on the lake,
can you spot it?

Just a little bit further and the space opens up even more, and the elevation as you walk up the hill provides yet another perspective and here is another great view. Just keep lapping it up, it’s spectacular.

This is how the path looks, let’s keep going.

So just keep on walking and enjoy the fresh air and countryside, as you walk the stress of everyday life away.

Cool Farm House in the classic design for our region

After this house, you wind your way into the forest and enjoy some shade, but feel comfortable to just stay on the path and it will lead you to the right spot, from here it is a little bit undulating for a while.

Spot this signpost on the corner.

Just read the nice yellow hiking information sign and continue towards Schloss Kammer, it really is that simple.

The painted end posts to this little store shed

This was a really nice thing to see that someone has decorated the ends of these turning a simple hay store into a talking point along this route.

One of the things that always fascinates is how nature takes over and the next shot, with the little number sign, shows how this tree and the number plate have become one over time, as the tree has just accepted the plate as part of the tree and grown with it, absorbing it into the bark of the trunk.

Tree and number plate become one, it must be love.

A little while later, after some walking the forest opens out to the road, you cross one of the new water controls that have been put in place, and then all of a sudden the views become wide as you are no longer in the forest.

Looking south towards Zell am See, from where we came.

In the photo above you can see the gorgeous lake and the town of Zell protruding into the water. We will follow these meadows for the return walk to the car park location, but for now, let’s continue. The photo below shows the way ahead.

Still following the sign for Schloss Kammer.

So we cross the road carefully and continue through this beautiful grassy area until we eventually have to wind our way back into the forest.

Worth noting, at this point, we are at the junction with the road, and if you want to continue back from here and cut the walk short, you can do that, the photo below shows how it looks and lets us choose. If you want to simply follow this road down the hill and take a left when you reach the crossroads. But today we will continue on a little further, and follow the path to the forest again.

We came down from the left fork.
Down is the shorter way back if you get tired.
Behind us is the route we are taking and the path in the picture below.

Our way ahead looks this way., see the photo below.

Meadow path to Schloss Kammer

These meadows are alive with smells and sounds of nature, with the birds chirping and the bees buzzing it is such a wonderful experience to be in nature. We go back into the forest path and then after a few twists and turns we see this sign in the photo below, one of the old signs from wy back, directing people to where we started the little hike today in Thummersbach.

The old sign leading you on the high-level path to Thumersbach.

It is a real delight and we have been on the move for around an hour and a half at this point, but we have been moving with a little pace, you don’t have to rush. The forest begins to thin again as we make our way down, and then we meet the teenage cows just chilling in the dappled shade of the trees.

The trees start to thin out as we arrive back in the valley.
Curious teenage cows chilling in the dappled shade of the trees.

Be careful when you meet the cows, most of them a friendly, but please respect their space and keep your distance. Be especially careful if there is a mixed group because the mamma and pappa cows really do protect the little ones with their life, so just be respectful and careful to give them a little room.

Just a couple more twists and turns in the forest path and we are back out in the open of the valley.

Back in the valley and into the sunshine again

As you see from the photo above, the path meets a gravel track. Where they meet you could continue to the right for the Schloss Kammer, but we today will turn left and make our way back towards Zell am See and Thumersbach, which is where we parked the car.

The last yellow sign on our route today.

From this sign, we have about one hour to walk back to Thumersbach, and we start by following the sign in direction of Mayerhofena and just keep on the same road until we reach the main street again.

Follow this gravel road, and keep going.
Pass through a couple of hamlets.

The rout back to Zell am See, and Thumersbach is simple.

Say hello to the donkeys on the way by, and enjoy the stroll and the unmistakable smell of farmland.

The tarmac road leads you to the corner where the hospital is

This road leads you to the corner of the main street, and there you should turn left and take the pavement on the main street back to the Kur Park and Beach club in Thumersbach. (if you started from there like we did today). Otherwise, at the hospital, you can turn right and follow the lake promenade to Zell am See, if that suits you better. We walked back to the Kur Park where we started.

We hope you enjoyed this blog, and that it inspires you to take the hike. If you do please let us know how you enjoyed it, and maybe even share some of your photos from the walk by tagging us on Instagram #allinoneapartments.

The whole round trip took us about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Enjoy, and watch out for the next blog where we will be doing something else that might interest you.

warm regards from Zell am See, All in ONE.

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