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The All in One Bench.

All in One Bench

We got a great new bench. #allinonebench

We at All in One, love Zell am See, we love our guests and we love our owners.

One thing that we notice is, right outside our office is the start, or finish to one of the hiking trails. We are on the main walk up the Schmittenstraße, about 750m from the traffic lights, and we notice a lot of people stop for a breath.

We see it happen a lot that people stop right outside our office, even if they are not checking in with us.

We also, wanted to make it easier to find our office for people coming to check in and collect keys for their holiday home. We thought it would be nice to add a new feature to the front of our office for people to enjoy.

One day, as we were browsing social media we saw an advert for benches, all made from Austrian materials, and with a personal logo. We thought it looked nice, and contacted them for a chat.

From there, we made a unique design for our bench.

There we a few little details, that we wanted to include.

We love Zell am See, so we created our own design with the Heart and the words, Zell am See. Naturally we wanted to have All in One, and the logo.

In addition, our design included two small notches cut into the top edge left and right, this is so that you can hang a bag, a helmet or a jacket on there. While you are chilling out on the bench.

we sent dimensions of the area to check that the bench would fit.

The main thing was that we wanted people to feel welcome to chill out on the bench for a while. That is why we designed the Heart logo.

you tell that we LOVE Zell am See

The bench was on order and we got constant updates on progress from the supplier, with little shots of the work, and when the bench was ready to deliver he sent us this photo.

when the bench was ready the supplier sent this photo to us

A short time later it was delivered to our office, and we were so happy with the result. The first thing that we did was to get Chris to test it out and as you can see from the photo, he was super happy.

Chris was the first person sitting on our new bench, as you see, he approves

We made some preparations at the front for it’s exact location, that is inviting for our guests and any passers by to enjoy some time on this beautiful bench.

The All on One Bench #allinonebench

We were very happy with how the hand-carved logo turned out, with the heart and the words Zell am See.

the beautiful hand-carved Heart with the word Zell am See

We thought that a nice addition to the bench would be a little message, so we had this made with some words to share our thoughts about the All in One Bench.

check in, chill out, the All in One Bench

Our message is simple.

Check in, Chill out. Put your feet up, relax for a while. Take a load off, unwind and breathe deeply. Enjoy some time on this beautiful bench. Check in, chill out, in the stress-free zone.

The coordinates are Zell am See, and the letters are the first names of Chris, Nicolette, and Marc. Who invite you to enjoy our bench.

please remember to enjoy the bench #allinonebench

The last thing we need to do now is to mount the plate with the message.

Starting soon, we will run some interactive competitions for our guests, where they will make a selfie on the bench, and post it on social media and tag us, #allinonebench and #allinoneapartments and we will draw them out of a hat at random to win a prize, it might be dinner out, it might be something else. Follow us on social media at Instagram and Facebook to get involved.

Please let us know what you think of the new feature.

we started the nostal rad from here, our HQ

If you would like a beautiful bench like this one, please contact the people that arranged it for us, and they will make one just for you too.

Haaser Bänke / Tische Facebook – Oberdorf 76, 6252 Breitenbach Tel. 0676 / 7171269 or email:

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