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The Nostalgic Bicycle Day – Nostal Rad – Zell am See.

We started outside our office.

This week, was the annual nostalgic bicycle festival in Zell am See. It is a really lovely event that has been running for some years now. It is completely loved by many of the locals here and the Zell am See crowd have embraced this event into their very being.

We love to take part and enjoy the day.

This year was especially interesting with the Corona times that we have, because there are many rules that must be applied and followed. Our experience was that the organisers and all the people taking part were very strict and made sure that it was run this way.

That is one of ours, 232 in the main square ready to start

The main idea from the event is that people dress up, in the clothing of a style from times gone by and ride an old bicycle. So the concept is actually quite simple, and you see people looking sharp, and wearing some interesting and creative outfits. Some adopt a very simple approach and some a little more extravagant, and it makes such a nice mix.

The old bicycles are a treat to see, and really some very old bikes take part and they ride really well.

It all starts in the main square in Zell am See. This is where you register, get a little goodie bag and have your credentials for covid to take part.

Hotel Lebzelter

There are hundreds of bikes and quite a few people, and it is a very nice atmosphere and a great vibe.

The day normally begins with the famous Zell am See Kanal Trio entertaining people with their music and songs, Toni, Walter and Hansi are a key part of these local events and a must see, if you get the chance.

People like to meet at Stadt Cafe Estl next to the church and have a coffee or some breakfast.

Others like to meet at the hotel Lebzelter, next. to the famous tower to begin the day with friends and perhaps a small drink.

Stadt cafe Estl

Then the riders start on the stage introduced to the audience as they set off around the lake and enjoy the ride, and some stops along the way. Here is a photo from one of our little stops, this was actually just a photo stop.

Bike, Mountains and Lake looking stunning

After a full lap of the lake and a few stops on the way, for drinks and food, and games. Everyone finishes in the main square where it all started to finish off the day.

This year we were blessed with extremely nice weather and most people made it back before the rain arrived, which was great.

Such a great day

A big thanks to Franz and Nicole for organising this special event.

Here is the website for the event if you would like to check it out,

From Zell am See with love,

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